How it Works

Ever wondered:
A) why all the former tenants moved out suddenly?
B) why most Landlords are unwilling to rent out to a particular tenant?
C) how to get an insider opinion from former Tenants/Landlords?



AskLandlordandTenant answers all these questions. The platform is used to rate Tenants and Landlords based on “Opinions”. These opinions are usually sought after by potential Tenants and Landlords before making life changing decisions.


Following the Tagline ” ..your Opinion..our Review..”
All reviews are strictly based on submitted ratings. They do not represent the views of AskLandlordandTenant .
At the moment, the team cannot verify the identity of the Landlords and Tenants. However, we advise each individual to give an honest opinion for the sake of humanity.


How to Rate:
Step 1: simply select “Rate your Landlord” or “Rate your Tenant”.
Step 2: fill the form , leave a comment (ie. opinion) and submit.
Your submitted “opinion” will be posted on the site within 24hrs.


View All Ratings:
Step 1: simply select “Rated Landlords & Tenants”.
All submitted “opinions” containing the keyword are displayed.


Search for a specific Rating:
Step 1: simply select “Search Ratings”.
Step 2: Click on the search box and enter a keyword (e.g Tenant name, Landlord, Property Address).
All submitted “opinions” containing the keyword are displayed.



Pictures and Interpretation:
  • Good Tenant Rating
  • Bad Tenant Rating
  • Good Landlord Rating
  • Bad Landlord Rating